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Celebrating 20 years of EUFIC achievements

 In 2015, the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) celebrates 20 years of achievements as a balanced source of science-based information in the area of nutrition and health, food safety and quality, and consumer insights. For 20 years, EUFIC has helped consumers to be better informed when choosing a well-balanced, safe and healthful diet and lifestyle.

What started in 1995 with one person and no online presence, twenty years later has become a respected non-profit organisation with over a dozen staff and a website that attracts over 10 million visitor sessions per year. More than 47,000 persons are subscribed to EUFIC’s electronic newsletter, and EUFIC today is a credible and sought after communications partner in multi-stakeholder platforms and EU-funded projects.

20 years of achievements of the European Food Information Council (EUFIC) - 1995-2015
For 20 years, the non-profit organisation, European Food Information Council (EUFIC) has communicated science-based information on nutrition and health, food safety and quality, to help consumers to be better informed when choosing a well-balanced, safe and healthful diet. To learn about EUFIC today, visit About us to access information about our Scientific Advisory Board, Food Today Editorial Board, membership, funding, transparency and Annual Reports since 2010.
First decade (1995-2005)
The first ten years of EUFIC served to lay the foundation for the organisation that it has become. This first decade saw the birth of EUFIC’s now popular newsletter, Food Today, and the launch of two websites that were crucial to EUFIC’s development:, the organisation’s science-based reference website launched in 1997, and the creation of the CoolFoodPlanet website for children in 2001.
EUFIC scientific credibility is built on its highly qualified staff
Since its creation in 1995, the dedication, understanding of science and proactive outreach of EUFIC staff paved the way for growth in multi-stakeholder collaboration in EU-funded projects and stakeholder fora. In its second decade of existence, half of EUFIC staff has a scientific background in nutrition and health, food safety and quality and consumer insights, four of which have a PhD.
EUFIC communicates science-based information in a way that it is easy to understand
EUFIC’s Food Today newsletter, covering topical information about nutrition and health, and food safety and quality, first appeared in 1997. The first 5 issues featured articles on the consequences of obesity and the meaning of nutrition and its key parameters.
Since then, EUFIC has published nearly 100 issues and has covered topics ranging from food additives to labelling, through to motivating behaviour change and healthy ageing.
EUFIC pioneered food information's arrival to the Internet
EUFIC launched its website in 1997, reaching 3.2 million visitor sessions in 2005, when EUFIC celebrated its 10th anniversary.
From the year 2000, when ‘EUFIC Online’ - our electronic newsletter - was launched, subscribers to the newsletter increased to nearly 23,000 by 2005.
EUFIC is committed to educating children about nutrition
In 2001, only six years after it was founded, EUFIC launched the CoolFoodPlanet website, a fun learning tool that parents and school teachers are encouraged to play alongside children aged 6-12 years, to help them learn how to balance their nutrition and physical activity needs.
EUFIC involvement in EU-funded projects helps to move research forward and closer to relevant audiences
In 2004, EUFIC took part in its first EU-funded scientific research project, the SAFE FOODS project (2004-2008), whose aim was to restore consumer trust in the European food chain by improving the governance of food safety.
Second decade (2006-2015)
In the ten years spanning 2006 to the present, EUFIC has grown in both size and credibility, pursuing new initiatives such as performing scientific consumer research, publication of scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, stepped up involvement in EU-funded projects and partnerships with other organisations such as Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). These added activities have improved the visibility and credibility of EUFIC while growing a network of connections, and amplified its communications outreach. For example, in May 2009 EUFIC and the FAO organised a workshop on food based dietary guidelines. Fourteen Central and Eastern European countries participated in this workshop in Budapest. In 2006, EUFIC joined the European Commission’s EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity & Health, where stakeholders from industry to academia and consumer groups commit to actions tackling obesity in Europe.
EUFIC produces acclaimed scientific literature
In 2006, EUFIC produced its first two scientific publications and in 2007 published its most cited article (more than 375 according to Google Scholar) in the Journal of Public Health, by Grunert KG, Wills J: A review of European research on consumer response to nutrition information on food labels (J Public Health. 2007;15:385–99). EUFIC has published 70 scientific articles since then, of which 33 are peer-reviewed. EUFIC science publications have been cited over 778 times, according to Google Scholar.
EUFIC pioneers the introduction of new communication tools in the field of food information
When was re-launched in 2006, it was available in 5 languages. In the same year, EUFIC launched a strategy to develop multimedia content, such as podcasts and webinars, to reach beyond its core professional audience. With a re-vamp of the site in 2010, became available in 11 languages. In 2012, CoolFoodPlanet was also re-launched.
EUFIC involvement in EU projects is highly valued
Since EUFIC’s participation in its first EU-funded project in 2004, the organisation has continued to be successful with research funding proposals, leading to 19 EU-funded research projects to date. EUFIC has partnered with as many as 190 EU project consortium partners over the years. One of the highlights of EUFIC's involvement in EU-funded research was when it was entrusted to coordinate the EU-funded FLABEL project on nutrition labelling, from 2008 to 2012, and then entrusted again to coordinate the now ongoing CLYMBOL project on health claims (2012-2016). In 2014, there were 10 active EU projects in which EUFIC was involved.
EUFIC are proud caretakers of Tassel House UNESCO-listed Art Nouveau office
EUFIC relocated its Brussels office to Tassel House in 2010, which was built in 1893 by the renowned Belgian architect Victor Horta, and is considered to be the first Art Nouveau building in continental Europe. EUFIC participates in conserving this symbol and is a partner of the "Art Nouveau Biennale", a popular cultural tour of Art Nouveau in Brussels. In 2013, EUFIC hosted the event’s official press conference presided by the Culture Minister of the Brussels Region. In October 2015, it will once again open its doors to the Biennale, as EUFIC celebrates its 20 year anniversary.
EUFIC's website is a point of reference for millions of people achieved 10.9 million annual visitor sessions by the end of 2014, a new all-time record, and raised its number of website subscribers to more than 47,000. Since 2013, EUFIC has also published Turkish language content and will soon publish in Arabic. Since taking the plunge into social media in 2011, EUFIC has drawn more than 12,000 followers into its social media accounts, which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.
Connect with EUFIC on social media to follow our celebration of 20 years in existence!
EUFIC is a balanced source of food information, with 20 years of experience
EUFIC's presence in international conferences has increased over the years. With 'Food in Action', on motivating behaviour change, in 2007, EUFIC first began organising conferences and scientific symposia at major food safety and nutrition events, such as the 2013 International Congress on Nutrition (ICN), where EUFIC contributed to five symposia and was coordinator of four.
20 Years of EUFIC: Communicating about today’s food!

EUFIC 2015 Future of Food Stakeholder Conference summary video (5mn):

  • 1995: Foundation of EUFIC
  • 1997: Creation of the website in English
  • 2001: website for children launched by EUFIC
  • 2004: EUFIC’s first EU-funded research project
  • 2006: First EUFIC scientific publications
  • 2006: EUFIC joins the EU Platform for Action on Diet Physical Activity & Health
  • 2006: EUFIC website available in 5 languages
  • 2007: Publication of EUFIC’s first Global Update on Nutrition Labelling
  • 2008: EUFIC is entrusted to coordinate the EU-funded FLABEL project
  • 2009: FAO organises workshop in collaboration with EUFIC
  • 2010: website re-launched and available in 11 languages
  • 2010: EUFIC produces its first public Annual Report
  • 2010: EUFIC relocates to UNESCO-listed Tassel House, designed by Art Nouveau architect, Victor Horta
  • 2012: EUFIC is entrusted to coordinate the EU-funded CLYMBOL project
  • 2012: EUFIC’s website for children revamped
  • 2013: EUFIC coordinated four scientific symposia at ICN in Granada
  • 2015: EUFIC celebrates 20 years

Watch the 'About EUFIC 20 years' video (1mn):