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Dietitians ensuring education, teaching and professional quality (DIETS2)

The Thematic Network "Dietitians Improving Education and Training Standards (DIETS)" (2006-09) successfully published first cycle competences, influenced education policy change and increased web-based and innovative communication between higher education (HE) and the dietetic profession. But to effectively contribute to policies and practices averting the European health crisis and poor nutritional health of its children dietitians need to make effective use of lifelong learning (LLL) increasing their competence and attain a high quality of performance, creativity and innovation. This is the focus of DIETS2 ("Dietitians ensuring education, teaching and professional quality").
To support the Lisbon Strategy the project aims to:
  • work with higher education to create, define, embed lifelong learning thereby raising the expertise of dietitians in Europe and become a world quality reference
  • work with National Dietetic Associations and their members to ensure a demonstrable worldwide quality of practice
  • strengthen research capability and capacity in new graduates ensuring development of a knowledge triangle in dietetics
  • develop, in partnership with enterprise and others, work based learning/placements to embed good and diverse practice
  • A lifelong learning ‘toolkit’; competences at 2nd and 3rd cycle
  • Systematic promotion of the role of HE in LLL and increased transparency of qualifications for dietitians
  • Innovative ICT-based education materials with the cooperation of HEIs and enterprise
  • Conferences, reports and guidelines
  • Best practice guidance on teaching enquiry based learning
  • An e-journal to promote an evidenced-based approach
Impact:  LLL, paedagogic tools and a world quality reference approach to practice will improve the effectiveness of European dietitians working cross-border and ‘fitness to practice safely’ in strategic areas of nutritional health, e.g. clinical/tertiary care, food service and industry, primary care and health promotion.
Newsletters of  the DIETS Thematic Network
Number 1 (April 2007)
Number 2 (June 2007)
Number 3 (November 2007)
Number 4 (April 2008)
Number 5 (June 2008)
Number 6 (November 2008)
Number 7 (April 2009)
Number 8 (December 2009)
Number 9 (March 2011)
Number 10 (September 2011)
Number 11 (March 2012)
Number 12 (August 2012)
Number 13 (March 2013)
Number 14 (October 2013)
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O European Food Information Council ou EUFIC (Conselho Europeu de Informação Alimentar) é uma organização sem fins lucrativos, que fornece informação científica sobre segurança e qualidade alimentar, nutrição e saúde, aos meios de comunicação, profissionais de nutrição e saúde, educadores e líderes de opinião pública, de uma forma facilmente compreensível pelos consumidores.

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