Publication on health claims and symbols

02 November 2012

EUFIC is involved in research on the effects of health claims and symbols on consumer behaviour. Below you can find the scientific, peer-reviewed publication from this research where EUFIC is an author.

  • Hung Y, Grunert KG, Hoefkens C, Hieke S, Verbeke W. Motivation outweighs ability in explaining European consumers’ use of health claims. Food Quality & Preference 2017, 58, 34-44.
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  • Kaur A, Scarborough P, Hieke S, Kusar A, Pravst I, Raats M, Rayner M. The nutritional quality of foods carrying health-related claims in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2016, 70, 1388-1395. (Open Access)
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  • Kaur A, Hieke S, Rayner M. Do health and nutrition claims meet consumers’ health needs? Agro FOOD Hi Tech 2016, 27(3). (Access here)
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  • Brown K A, Hieke S, Kuljanic N, Pravst I, Miklavec K, Rayner M, Kaur A, Pfeifer K, Gracia A. Poster presentation: Prevalence of health-related claims on pre-packaged foods: a five-country study in Europe. European Nutrition conference (FENS), 20-23 October 2015, Berlin, Germany.
  • Hoefkens C, Hung Y, Hieke S, Grunert KG, Verbeke W. Motivation outweighs ability in explaining European consumers' use of health claims. Conference abstract and paper presented at the 148th EAAE Seminar, 30 November - 1 December, 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Hung Y, Hoefkens C, Hieke S, Grunert K G, Verbeke W. Determinants of European consumers' motivation and ability to process health claims and symbols. Conference abstract and paper presented at the 143rd joint AAEA-EAAE Seminar, 25-27 March 2015, Naples, Italy.
  • Hieke S, Kuljanic N, Wills J M, Pravst I, Kaur A, Raats M M, van Trijp H C M, Verbeke W, Grunert KG. The role of health-related claims and health-related symbols in consumer behaviour: Design and conceptual framework of the CLYMBOL project and initial results. Nutrition Bulletin 2015, 40(1), 66. (Open Access)
  • Hieke S, Kuljanic N, Wills JM, Miklavec K, Pravst I. Prevalence of nutrition and health claims on baby foods in 5 EU Member States. Poster presented at the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG) conference, November 14-15 2014, Salzburg, Austria. Abstract published in Appetite 2015, 89, 329.
  • Brown KA, Hieke S, Kaur A, Kuljanic N, Pravst I, Rayner M. CLYMBOL European survey of nutrient and health claims prevalence – classification issues. Poster presented at the World Congress of Public Health Nutrition, 9-12 November 2014, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • Wills JM, Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann S, Kolka M & Grunert KG (2012). European consumers and health claims - attitudes, understanding, and purchasing behaviour. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 71(2):229–236. (Open Access)

Additional open access research from the CLYMBOL project

  • Klepacz N A, Nash R A, Egan M B, Hodgkins C E, Raats M M. When is an image a health claim? A false-recollection method to detect implicit inferences about products' health benefits. Health Psychology 2016, 35, 898-907. (Open Access)