Animal diseases

Fields of innovation: How technology ensures farm animal health and welfare in food production

26 August 2015

Livestock farmers have the difficult task of raising animals to produce safe food for a growing global population. In addition, consumers are increasingly demanding...

Ensuring the safety of meat from vaccinated animals in Europe

02 January 2013

Vaccination of animals used for food has been performed for centuries. Today it may be carried out for several different reasons, not just to prevent disease...

The potential impact of animal diseases on food safety

01 January 2006

Public concerns over food safety are heightened during outbreaks of any disease in food-producing animals. Some of these diseases, however, have few or no implications...

An update on BSE

01 September 2002

Good nutrition and food safety communication involves science-based information that is presented in context in a non-alarmist manner. One area where this has not always been the case is Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE.