Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that we only need in small amounts to keep our body functioning properly. We should be able to get most of our needs through a balanced diet, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

Highlights from the 2nd international vitamin conference

02 June 2013

The 2nd International Vitamin Conference brought together scientists and regulators in sharing new knowledge on vitamins. The Conference took place between the 23rd and the 25th of May 2012 in Copenhagen...

Iodine deficiency in Europe: A hidden public health concern

30 December 2011

At the 1992 World Health Assembly, European nations came together to endorse the elimination of iodine deficiency disease. Then in 2002 the United Nations pushed for eradication of...

A bright future for vitamin D

14 November 2011

Vitamin D has recently been hitting the headlines in Europe, highlighting the need for action to ensure that Europeans have enough vitamin D. But how should this be obtained? Is diet and sunshine enough, or do we need a bit of extra help?