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Science Briefs

A Finnish study showed that long-term dietary changes to lower saturated fat and cholesterol intakes have a positive impact on serum cholesterol in children and therefore may help lower their risk of cardiovascular disease later on.

Neophobia, a reluctance to try new foods, is common in young children. A UK study has now discovered that the trait of neophobia is mainly genetic rather than influenced by a child’s environment.

Women keen to lose weight after childbirth should combine diet and exercise claims a new study published by the influential Cochrane Database.

According to a US intervention study, infants were better at problem-solving when their mothers were supplemented during pregnancy with the omega-3 fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).
An estimated 4 to 8% of people living in the EU are believed to suffer from food allergies, according to allergy organisations. Parents of newborns are advised to prolong breast-feeding, wean after 6 months, and avoid early exposure to potential food allergens to reduce their offspring’s risk of developing allergies. This is because the immature gut is thought to be permeable to food proteins, leading to an adverse immune response which could evolve into a food allergy. However, a new study from Canada suggests that this advice could be misplaced.
The epidemic of obesity in young children has been far worse in the tallest, fastest growing young children, according to new research published in The International Journal of Obesity today (1 August 2006).
Parents play an extremely important role in helping their children develop food preferences, but attempts to encourage young children to eat a more healthy diet may actually be having the opposite effect, according to a review published in the International Journal of Obesity.
Eating a traditional, balanced Nordic diet was associated with lower death rates in a Danish cohort study, published by researchers from the Danish Cancer Society, Aarhus University and Aalborg Hospital, Denmark.
High consumption of soft drinks sweetened with sugar has been viewed as a cause of obesity. However, data from a longitudinal UK study, does not support this association.
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