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International Expert Meeting on Health Significance of Fat Quality of the Diet

International Expert Meeting on "Health Significance of Fat Quality of the Diet"
Barcelona, Spain, February 1‐2, 2009

According to EUFIC’s pan-European research, people are confused when it comes to dietary fat quality.  When asked, most consumers knew they should decrease their overall fat consumption and eat more omega-3 fatty acids, but incorrectly thought they should eat less poly-unsaturated fatty acids. They also knew they should eat less or try to avoid trans fatty acids.

Given that nutrition labelling systems in Europe often do not indicate the content of saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, one of the biggest health challenges is around consumer understanding of fat quality, and communicating this in simple terms.

An international expert meeting, focusing on the Health significance of fat quality of the diet, took place in Barcelona on 1st and 2nd February 2009 to shed light on this hot topic.

This podcast gathers the feedback of three key experts who actively participated in this meeting and represent the viewpoints of governmental organisations, science communicators and academics.




Berthold V. Koletzko (University of Munich, Germany)

Professor Berthold V. Koletzko has MD and PhD (Dr med Dr med habil) degrees and is Professor of Paediatrics at University of Munich. He has served as Head of the Division of Metabolic Diseases & Nutritional Medicine at the Dr. von Hauner Children's Hospital, University of Munich Medical Centre, Germany. His clinical research focuses on metabolism in childhood, pregnancy & lactation, inborn errors of metabolism, clinical nutrition. He is author of more than 630 publications and has published 115 original papers, 151 reviews, as well as 91 book chapters and 13 books. Among other things, Professor Koletzko is President- Elect of the German Society for Nutritional Medicine. He has also served as coordinator of the European Early Nutrition Programming Consortium (
He received several scientific honours including the Krebs-Award from the German Nutrition Society and an Honorary Chair from the Faculty of Medicine, Free University of Brussels, Belgium.   




Connie B. Diekman (University Nutrition, Washington University, Saint Louis, US)

Ms Connie Diekman (M.Ed, RD, LD, FADA) is currently Director of University Nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis, and a Nutrition Communications Consultant. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in food, nutrition and dietetics from Fontbonne College (now University), and has a master’s degree in education and counseling, from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
Ms. Diekman is the Immediate Past President of the American Dietetic Association (ADA). Each weekday since 1995, she is the voice of the “Eating Right” minute, which airs daily, on WBBM radio in Chicago. Previously, Ms. Diekman was a Nutrition Consultant and Educator for physicians, corporations and academic institutions. She was also a former television nutrition reporter with St. Louis MO, NBC and FOX affiliates. Ms. Diekman has received several honours and awards from Fontbonne University, the Missouri Dietetic Association, and from the American Heart Association – St. Louis.




Pekka Puska (National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, Finland) 

Professor Pekka Puska has MD and MPolSc. degrees and a PhD in epidemiology and public health. He has served as the Director General of the National Public Health Institute (KTL) since late 2003. Professor Puska is also the President-Elect of the World Heart Federation, the Vice-President of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI) and he represents Finland in the Governing Council of the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organisation (WHO). He has over 500 scientific publications in the field of epidemiology, preventive medicine, health promotion and public health.
Professor Puska has served as a Member of the National Parliament of Finland, as well as the Elector of the President of the Republic. Among the several honours he has are an Honorary Doctorate at St. Andrew's University (Scotland) and the Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He has received WHO's annual Health Education Award in 1990, WHO Tobacco Free World Award in 1999, the Nordic Award for Public Health in 2005, and the Rank Prize in 2008. 




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