Future challenges

Future challenges

Researchers are constantly working to address challenges that the world’s food supply faces now and in the future. Future challenges involve everything from producing more food with less resources to feed a rapidly increasing global population to developing environmentally sustainable solutions in response to climate change, or producing new food varieties with the potential to reducing the number of food-related allergic reactions.

A sustainable future for cocoa

03 July 1999

Theobroma cacao means food of the gods. It is also the botanical name for the cocoa tree, a much-revered crop for thousands of years. Satisfying the world's growing appetite for chocolate is an interesting case study in the development of sustainable agriculture.

Food technologies: securing our future food supply

02 February 2018

By 2050, the world’s population is estimated to reach a record over 9 billion people. This projected rise, coupled with rapid urbanisation, will create many societal and environmental challenges. Innovative food technologies offer exciting solutions to help us to prepare for the increased strain on agricultural resources, reduce food waste and provide adequate nutrition for all. We explore the potential opportunities for three technologies in contributing towards long-term food security.

Geleceğin protein kaynakları değişiyor mu?

30 June 2017

Hayvansal protein kaynaklarının, daha sürdürülebilir olan besinler (örneğin algler, böcekler, kolza ve baklagiller) ikamesi geleceğin besin kaynakları açısından önemlidir. Bu koşullarda seçeneklerimiz nedir?

Researchers develop new variety of soybean lacking the proteins that cause allergic reactions

12 August 2015

Soy is a legume cultivated worldwide for food and feed, and a well-established dietary source of plant-based protein. Nevertheless, soybeans are known to contain specific...

Gıda üretimi 3: Sürdürülebilir Gıda Tedariki

02 June 2015

Dünyada hızla artan nüfus için gıdanın sürdürülebilirliğini sağlamak önemli bir sorun. Gıda tüketimi, beslenme ve gıda güvenliği konuları hızla çözüm bulunması gereken konular arasında. Ancak gıda üretimi de harekete geçmeyi gerektiren temel sorunlardan biri.

Eating insects: cultural and individual experiences affect perception and acceptance

19 May 2015

Although insects are not traditionally eaten in Western countries, other regions around the world have long considered them acceptable on the menu. A recent paper published in the journal...

Use of water in food production

01 February 2015

Water is routinely used in food production as an ingredient, for cleaning, sanitation and manufacturing purposes. This article discusses the sources, treatments...

Climate change: Possible implications for food safety?

01 June 2014

There is a growing consensus that human activities may be changing our planet’s climate. These changes in climate have a number of possible implications for human health and welfare, one of which could be the safety of food.

From farm to fork: The farm, beginning the food chain

06 June 2006

Modern farming does its utmost to guarantee quality and safety in food production - thus addressing concerns that are uppermost in consumers' minds today.