Spotlight on… Fundación Alimentum

Last Updated : 10 July 2009

The Fundación Alimentum is a private, non profit organisation with the mission to improve quality of life and social wellbeing through promotion of initiatives that answer people’s concerns related to nutrition.

Fundación Alimentum objectives

The Fundación Alimentum is an open institution that is connected with society. It is modern, proactive, coherent in its messages and meets today’s needs. Its aim is to become a primary point of contact in the food & nutrition sector.

Furthermore, Fundación Alimentum will encourage, promote and support research and development activities as well as initiatives that improve and protect the environment and with it the people’s living conditions.

In this context, Fundación Alimentum complements the social aspect with other activities that attempt to stimulate and facilitate the adaptation of companies in the sector to the continuous changes they are confronted with, in order to help them ensure their competitiveness.

The Foundation will accomplish its aims through the organization of various activities adequate for this purpose.