A method used since the first trace of civilisation, cooking has always played a fundamental role in our daily life. We use it to enhance the safety, digestibility and edibility of food products. Food and cooking is different all over the world; it’s the product of local natural resources, but also of cultures and beliefs. Cooking nowadays is concerned with refining techniques and offering exchanges between people and cultures. It has even evolved into a form of entertainment and creativity. Cooking is trendy wherever you look; be it TV shows, magazines or famous Chefs. Whether it’s frying, baking, boiling, simmering, grilling, steaming, roasting or smoking, there is always a new way of enjoying our food to be discovered.

Wie man Acrylamid zu Hause reduzieren kann

28 June 2016

This is an infographic outlining how to reduce acrylamide formation at home.

Was geschieht beim Kochen – zum besseren Verständnis der Acrylamidbildung

31 October 2008

Seit Tausenden von Jahren verwendet der Mensch Hitze, um Nahrung zuzubereiten. Obwohl sich meist erst dadurch gewünschter Geschmack und Geruch sowie Farbe des Essens entwickeln...