Proteins are essential for life. Without them, the functioning and structure of living cells would be impossible. Proteins are responsible for functions like growth and repair, for hormonal and enzymatic activities, they make up our antibodies, and form our muscles. There was a reason they were given their name from “proteios” – the foremost.

Protein rich foods are an important energy source. Also, they are essential for building our own proteins, as not all amino-acids (the building blocks of proteins) can be made from scratch, they must come from our food. All foods contain some protein, but the amount and quality vary widely. 

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Nachhaltiges Protein: Erfüllung des zukünftigen Bedarfs

30 June 2017

Der Ersatz tierischer Produkte durch nachhaltigere Eiweißquellen (z. B. Algen, Insekten, Rapssamen und Hülsenfrüchte) ist für die zukünftige Ernährung wichtig. Welche Optionen haben wir also?