‘Making the most of social media for dietitians’: EUFIC training at EFAD 40th anniversary conference

Last Updated : 11 October 2018

On September 28 and 29 the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) celebrated their 40th anniversary at their annual conference in Rotterdam: with over 70 speakers and a specific session tailored for dietetics students, the event presented the latest on both dietetic research and practice.

EUFIC was a partner of this year’s conference and contributed to the conferences programme by facilitating a pre-conference workshop in cooperation with the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP) and offering a hands-on social media training for dietitians together with Eat Well Global , which is a nutrition communication consulting company.

Leadership workshop

Raymond Gemen, Senior Manager for Food and Health Science at EUFIC and an ENLP member, offered insights on leadership styles and emotional intelligence in a pre-conference workshop. It consisted of multiple lectures given by international experts on a variety of topics ranging from emotional intelligence to leadership styles to networking.

Social Media Training

Carlos Abundancia, Communications Manager at EUFIC, provided participants of the EFAD conference a hands-on social media training: ‘’it was inspiring to see great interest from the attendees, I hope that the training was an opportunity to show the potential of social media for dietitians, to share their expertise and discuss the latest trends on food and nutrition improving the quality of information online’’ he highlighted.

Joined by Eat Well Global, the training was focused on how to effectively build and manage an online presence, tailored to the needs of dietitians. EUFIC, which focuses on science communication, covered the basics of social media and gave tips that can be used and applied across platforms. Eat Well Global continued the session with an in-depth look at Instagram, a platform that is gaining popularity among dietitians.

 “The main goal of the session was that, while being as practical as possible, everyone can take something home, whether it is tips and tricks for social media posts or inspiration for starting a social media account on a platform of their choice.” said Raymond. 

Poll results for the interactive social-media training.

In the following days EFAD will upload the presentations of the conference to their website and you can already find the first ones here.