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Spotlight on… aid info service

Last Updated : 01 December 2016

About aid info service

Informative in every respect. From the farm to the plate

Whether its agriculture, foodstuff or nutrition: The aid info service prepares information from science and practice in a comprehensible manner and informs extensively and quickly.

aid info service is a non-profit association which is publicly sponsored. It can therefore work without advertisements and commercial interests. It informs professionals, teachers and consultants, consumers, farmers and lumberjacks as well as journalists about current topics on consumer protection, nutrition and agriculture. The topics are just as varied as the media which aid info service offers its target groups so that they can also get to know and convey complex insights from science and practice. The media spectrum spans from the classic aid booklet to DVDs, teaching materials, educational games and multimedia presentations to internet f rums, press information and trade journals.

Decades of experience in consumer protection, nutrition and agriculture

It is the duty of the aid info service to collect, evaluate and process current scientific findings from consumer protection, food and agriculture.

aid info service was established in 1950 over the course of the European Recovery Programme in order to inform the population about healthy eating and to increase agricultural production. In 1977, it took over the duties of the “Bundesausschuss für Volkswirtschaftliche Aufklärung” (Federal Association for Economic Education) as well as those of the contact bureau for consumer education, Bonn. In 2001, the “Auswertungs- und Informationsdienst für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft and Forsten e.V.” (Evaluation and Information Service for Food, Agriculture and Forest) renamed to “aid infodienst Verbraucherschutz, Ernährung, Landwirtschaft e.V.” (aid info-service Consumer protection, Food, Agriculture) – the abbreviation aid of the old name was retained. The aid info service is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Its duty to inform in an objective manner irrespective of interests is defined in the articles of the association!

More information, comprehensibly prepared, clearly presented

Renowned experts, practitioners and media specialists work at aid info service together with the aim of offering practical media that is suitable for target groups.

aid info service gives consumers a reliable orientation in view of the growing information overload and product diversity. It offers teachers contextual and methodical and didactic suggestions as well as a wide range of tried and tested learning materials. Professionals and consultants, farmers and lumberjacks have an experienced specialist printer who provides them with reliably researched background information, critically highlights current discussions and puts economic, social and legal questions in a nutshell in a comprehensible manner. Information media which the aid info service issues corresponds to the current state of scientific findings and convey knowledge in a practical manner that is suitable for target groups.

Aid media: put in a nutshell, diverse, well-founded

The individual target groups’ need for information is differ nt. Therefore, aid info service offers individually prepared contents, appealingly packaged in practical media.


Booklets, media for lessons and consultation, compact information, journals (“Ernährung im Fokus” (Food in focus), B&B Agrar (B&B Agricultural)), posters, painting and crafting templates, educational games


Computer educational programmes, computer programmes, presentations, teaching materials and reference materials on CD-ROM, didactic videos on DVD

Press service

Weekly press information, newsletter with archive, radio contributions to download

Further information:

The aid info service’s online shop covers all aid media to order or download – with detailed information, excerpt and demos.

The portal for consumers on which information about food “from the farm to the plate” can be found. Expert and discussion forums give useful tips, answer questions and offer a platform to the topic of food and drink.

The specialist portal for teachers simplifies preparation for lessons because it offers background knowledge, downloads and practical educational components on agriculture, foodstuff and nutrition.

'Talking Food' is the contact point for questions on food safety and healthy eating for adolescents, young adults as well as for teachers.