Spotlight on… Capacity Development Network in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe (CAPNUTRA)

03 September 2015

CAPNUTRA is a non-profit association with expertise in dissemination of scientific results to different stakeholders and the capacity development in nutrition in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region.

The UNU/SCN Network for Capacity Development in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe (NCDNCEE) was initially established in 2005, with a general objective to stimulate relevant capacity development in CEE countries. It was supported by the UNU Food and Nutrition Programme (2005-2011) and several EC projects. To continue activities in the CEE region, the Capacity Development Network in Nutrition in Central and Eastern Europe, CAPNUTRA was established in 2012, as a follow-up to NCDNCEE.

CAPNUTRA’s members are researchers, nutritionists, SMEs, public health nutrition scientists, traditional food producer associations and clusters from the Balkans and CEE from the following countries: Croatia ;Cyprus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Moldova; Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia and Ukraine. Memorandum of understanding (MoU) supports all joint activities and collaboration in capacity development, dissemination, training and research in the CEE egion.

The main activities of CAPNUTRA are in the field of capacity development in food and nutrition, knowledge and technology transfer, stakeholder engagement and dissemination, website creation, collecting dissemination activities by partners, news, organisation of the trainings and workshops for CEE and EU countries, communications with global stakeholders (WHO, FAO, EFSA) and policy makers. More specific activities are: nutritional tools and modules creation and implementation, design and delivery of project dissemination materials and media communication, exchange of information and cooperation with other European and international networks and associations; sharing information on food and health, knowledge transfer and training in CEE/Balkan region.

CAPNUTRA was involved in several EC FP6/7 NoE projects: EuroFIR, EURRECA, EuroFIR Nexus.

CAPNUTRA was involved in the identification/mapping the status quo of the food composition database; dietary intake research infrastructure and prioritization of the training needs in CEE/Balkan countries; development of the Balkan food platform and regional food composition data; micronutrient recommendations collection and creation the web tool and nutrition surveillance software.

EU Projects:

  1. EuroFIR Nexus-EuroFIR Food Platform: Further integration, refinement and exploitation for its long-term self-sustainability, FP7 (GA No 265967; 2011-13)
  2. EURRECCA- Harmonising nutrient recommendations across Europe with special focus on vulnerable groups and consumer understanding (NoE), FP6 2007-2011
  3. Euro FIR-European Food Information Resource Network (NoE) FP6 2006-2010