Spotlight on… Fonds français pour l’alimentation et la santé

01 December 2016

The Fonds français pour l’alimentation et la santé or FFAS (French Food and Health Fund) was created on June 18th, 2011, at the initiative of the French Nutrition Institute (Institut Français pour la Nutrition – IFN) and the National Association of Food Industries (Association Nationale des Industries Alimentaires – ANIA). 

The mission of FFAS consists in studying and promoting nutritional habits that combine pleasure and health. Its purpose is to develop a partnership between the academic community and economic actors, for a better service of public health. It is a unique structure for all stakeholders to mutualise their forces, knowledge and expertise.

FFAS aims to play a role in health promotion through a diet that is both healthy and a source of pleasure. It funds research programmes on the determinants of dietary patterns, and experimental nutrition programmes with the goal of a scaling up. Furthermore, it fosters dialogue between science and society through a series of public debates.

Three operational committees carry these missions: the Research Committee, the Action Committee and the Debate Committee. Each committee is composed of an equal number of academics and industry representatives. Besides, a scientific board composed of independent experts proposes general orientations to FFAS and ensures decisions are made in the interest of the public independently of specific commercial interests.

In order to address topical subjects more in depth, FFAS organises Working Groups that gather interdisciplinary academics and economic actors.

FFAS organises yearly, a number of lectures, round tables, workshops about key nutrition and food-related topics with the aim of disseminating the information, confronting different points of view, and letting new approaches emerge.

FFAS publications in the spotlight:

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