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Spotlight on… Forum. ernährung heute

Last Updated : 11 October 2011

Forum. ernährung heute (Forum Nutrition Today, hereinafter f.eh) was founded in 1991 as an independent association. Today f.eh is the leading platform for food-related public relations in Austria. It provides objective and relevant information concerning nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle in particular for:

  • opinion leaders in the fields of nutritional education,advice and science
  • media representatives
  • decision-makers and multipliers in schools
  • consumers
  • opinion leaders and decision-makers in governmental and non-governmental institutions

Their trade journal “ernährung heute” (nutrition today) is published four times a year. Their website is the most visited Austrian website concerning diet-related topics. Furthermore, f.eh provides booklets, teaching materials, educational games and didactic videos for teachers, parents and consumers. f.eh also offers press releases, press conferences, newsletters and symposia. As a science-based impartial platform, f.eh covers topics from nutritional physiology to food qua ity, security and law as well as nutritional education, cuisine and physical activity. Stemming from the “WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health”, the issues of overweight and obesity are key scopes of f.eh.

Making nutrition understandable

The main aim of f.eh is to impart science-based information understandable to all. Therefore f.eh offers nutritional information in a custom-tailored way – extensive, precise and with practical relevance. To advance practice-oriented solutions, f.eh enhances the mutual understanding of economy and science. An academic advisory board with professionals and representatives of appropriate scientific disciplines supports f.eh. Thus, high quality and well-balanced information is guaranteed.

Ongoing projects and topics of interest

F.eh is project-oriented. The aim of the project “Schule bewegt. Bewegte Schule” (“school moves. moved school”, 2006-2008) was to show children aged 10-14 years that physical activity can be joyful and can increase their sense of well-being. For this project f.eh cooperated with the Bundessportorganisation (Austrian Federal Sports Organisation) and its governing bodies. Sports activities were offered in several partn r schools for two years. In some schools the project is still ongoing.

F.eh also engaged in the project “Genussbarometer” (enjoyment barometer, 2009-2010), which was the first Austria-wide assessment of consumer views and behaviours around the joy of eating. The health benefits of joyful eating were confirmed and the positive aspects of food intake relayed through various media channels. The aim of the latest core project is to increase the nutritional knowledge and skills of young men.

Moreover f.eh is active in social networks and platforms referring to nutrition and health related topics. Leading food manufacturers and food trades provide support to f.eh.