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Spotlight on… Hungarian TET Platform

Last Updated : 01 December 2016

The Platform for Health, Nutrition, and Physical Activity was established on 28 September 2006 on the model of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. Our main goal is to take action through cooperation based on consensus with the broadest possible scope against obesity, and in the interest of promoting a balanced lifestyle and diet.

As its mission, the Platform articulated its intent to be a leading and definitive opinion-shaping and information centre in Hungary in the field of physical exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. NGOs, food industry operators, as well as scientists and governmental bodies who work or wish to work towards and are stakeholders in this matter provide assistance for the implementation of our goals by way of extensively joining forces.

During the past years, the Platform’s members – who represent different professional approaches and values – reconciled their positions in numerous matters, acting together in the interest of the common goal.

  • Our education workgroup created popular teaching aids for primary schools, which offer a u eful utility for teachers in delivering know-how associated with a proper diet.
  • GDAs (Guideline Daily Amounts) – a form of labelling adopted and implemented on the labelling workgroup’s proposal – appear on the packaging of several hundred products today, helping shoppers decide how much of various foods they should consume.
  • The workplace exercise workgroup provides assistance to corporate specialists for developing their own plans by familiarising them with the best health preservation programs.

Our work intends to foster a change in attitude in various areas of our lives. We realise that this is a complex task and its results will only show in the long term, but we are certain about our members’ commitment and the success of coordinated efforts.