Spotlight on… The Slovenian Nutrition Institute (NUTRIS)

01 December 2016

About the Slovenian Nutrition Institute (NUTRIS)

The Nutrition Institute (NUTRIS) is a non-profit organisation focussing on food and nutrition research and public health. Apart from research activity, it promotes healthy food choices and supports education in the area of nutrition and healthy nutrition habits. In addition, it supports the food industry in efforts to improve the quality of food and gives advice on reformulation and food labelling.

NUTRIS promotes public health through different channels, particularly via use of the World Wide Web, social media and general media. Its promotion of healthy nutrition habits is based on generally accepted scientific evidence and national dietary recommendations. The Nutrition Institute disseminates knowledge via the well-visited web portal Healthy Nutrition, a reliable source of information on nutrition, food and nutrients, as well as nutrition news, derived from the latest nutrition scientific research articles. The web portal and healthy choices are also promot d using social media – particularly the Facebook page Healthy nutrition. Both the web portal and Facebook page are available in the Slovenian language and offer regular tips on seasonal foods and small steps toward healthy food choices.

In addition, each year several nutrition-related public statements are sent to over 300 media organisations and reporters, resulting in dozens of reliable media reports in the area of nutrition.

As a research institution, the Nutrition Institute is collaborating in various national and European research projects in the areas of nutrition, medicine and public health. It is particularly focused on the area of functional foods and food labelling, including the use of nutrition and health claims on foods. Research is performed in cooperation with other national and international research organisations.

The Institute has also established an expert group which supports food operators by providing advice on the reformulation of foods, food labelling and the scientific substantiation of health claims. Several times a year the Institute also organises conferences and workshops to disseminate its expertise to the food industry and scientific community.

In addition, the Nutrition Institute works closely together with the national government on issues related to food, nutrition and public health. Its experts are members of expert groups in the area of nutrition, including the national Board of Food Safety and the Expert Group on Nutrition and Health Claims. The Institute also joins forces with academic institutions in the higher education system, particularly the Higher School of Applied Sciences and the University of Ljubljana. Part of the research work at the Institute is therefore performed as part of master’s and doctoral degree studies.