EU projects

EU projects

EUFIC can boost the impact of your project through a tailored communication strategy, and increase your chances to get funding from EU or internationally funded research project.

We leverage our resources for the benefit of the projects. Our website covers 5 languages. Each year 4 million people view our articles, infographics, videos, Q&As, leaflets, and reviews. Our publications reach 47,000 European stakeholders and our social media accounts have more than 100,000 followers across platforms.

EUFIC has extensive experience, having participated in 24 EU projects, in planning and running project outreach, coordination as well as conducting consumer research. Why not include EUFIC in your EU project proposal? Contact Matteo Sabini at

Communication planning

A well written and thought out communication plan can boost your project both in the submission stage but also in the outreach stage. We have extensive experience in tailoring the communications plan towards the project topic as well as the specific audiences of the project.


A brand is very important to create recognition of a project. A brand is an embodiment of the values and objectives of the project. It’s what people remember. We therefore put great importance on branding when setting up the communications channels for a project.


Our outreach portfolio is big. We do everything from producing articles and print material (leaflets, reports and brochures) via video and audio material to media work and social media management. We organise events and workshops as well as run our own training courses.

Stakeholder engagement

We take pride in our network of European stakeholders in the food and health arena, spanning academia, industry, European food and health stakeholders and policy makers, health professionals, media, and general public. For different projects, we set-up stakeholder advisory boards and facilitate stakeholder engagement throughout the project. 

Impact measurement

Measuring the reach of communication activities is as important as doing them. We have the appropriate monitoring structures already in place to track the impact of the project outreach activities.

Consumer research

We carry out consumer research to find out what motivates people. EUFIC’s in-house experts do so within the EU-funded projects, or apart, in collaboration with external academic experts and food industry. We also conduct desk research and run citizens’ juries.