Past projects

Role of health-related claims and symbols in consumer behaviour (CLYMBOL)

31 August 2016

Health claims and symbols on food labels are aids to help consumers identify foods that are healthier options, but little is known about their impact on consumer behaviour.

New dietary strategies for healthy ageing in Europe (NU-AGE)

30 April 2016

People are living longer. Rising living standards, improved lifestyle and better education, as well as greater access to quality healthcare services has meant that we can expect to reach 78 years of age, an increase of six years compared to...

Harnessing and combining the fragmented body of knowledge in Europe in the field of plant food bioactives (POSITIVe)

21 April 2015

Cardio-metabolic disease (cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity) is the leading cause of death worldwide and a prominent public health problem. These chronic disorders can be prevented, delayed or reduced...

Studying the need for food and health research infrastructures in Europe (EuroDISH)

14 April 2015

Europe is suffering an increasing incidence of diet-related public health problems, including obesity, heart diseases, stroke, cancer, diabetes and mental disorders. The European Union (EU) and its member states, therefore face major challenges in promoting health and reducing this disease burden. 

Connecting key players in the food innovation process to improve consumer acceptance of new products (CONNECT4ACTION)

08 December 2014

New products provide a means for the food industry to remain competitive. Although thousands of new food products are launched, the majority fail. The success of innovations depends on consumers accepting novel products and technologies...

Interventions to Promote Healthy Eating Habits (EATWELL)

17 April 2014

To find out more about the results of this project, read the final press release or project leaflet.

Benefit and risk communication (FoodRisC)

17 April 2014

FoodRisC ended in October 2013...

Personalised nutrition: opportunities and challenges (Food4Me)

12 November 2013

Poor dietary choices that lead to an unhealthy diet, an increase in weight amongst individuals and contribute to the numbers of individuals affected by obesity related diseases are an increasing public health concern in Europe...

Closer co-operation to strengthen the global competitiveness of the European food sector (RECAPT)

05 November 2013

There is increasing recognition that innovation is a task for all actors in the food chain, since innovation can be beneficial to the food chain as a whole and lead to sustainable novel applications.

Affordable, nutritious foods for those at risk of poverty (CHANCE)

05 November 2013

According to Eurostat statistics in 2010, 81 million European citizens are at risk of poverty. These population groups are not only characterised by low purchasing power and a low level of education, but they have a high risk of developing disease...

Identification and prevention of dietary-and lifestyle-induced health effects In children and infants (IDEFICS)

01 February 2012

The environment of infants and children has drastically changed in Europe during the last decades as reflected in alterations of behaviour, unhealthy dietary habits, and low physical activity. Dietary as well as lifestyle factors appear to play a part in...

Towards sustainable food research (INPROFOOD)

12 December 2011

Over the past decade, most EU Member States have identified food and health as key priorities. This is in response to increases in obesity and diet-related chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases amongst their populations...

Dietitians ensuring education, teaching and professional quality (DIETS2)

09 June 2011

The Thematic Network "Dietitians Improving Education and Training Standards (DIETS)" (2006-09) successfully published first cycle competences, influenced education policy change and increased web-based and innovative communication between...

Food labelling to advance better education for life (FLABEL)

11 May 2011

In response to the prevalence of diet-related diseases, governments and food companies increasingly promote nutrition information on food labels to help the consumer make healthy, informed food choices. The 3-year EU Seventh Framework-funded project FLABEL...

Sharing best practices between dietitians working across Europe (DIETS)

15 July 2009

Welcome to DIETS: the Thematic Network (TN) for Dietitians in Europe. The Thematic Network, funded through the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency of the European Commission, was established to facilitate sharing...

Promoting food safety through a new integrated risk analysis approach (SAFE FOODS)

01 June 2008

The Integrated Project SAFE FOODS (2004-2008) is funded by the EU Sixth Framework Programme. SAFE FOODS aims to restore consumer trust in the European food chain by improving current practice in the governance of food safety...

European micronutrient recommendations aligned (EURRECA)

09 October 2007

The overall objective of EURRECA is to overcome fragmentation and create a new sustainable collaborative network to develop quality assured harmonised nutrient recommendations across Europe. It will, in particular, identify and address...

Establishing an environment that supports positive health behaviour and healthy lifestyle (HELENA)

04 April 2006

The HELENA research consortium believes that the key to health promotion and disease prevention in the 21st century is to establish an environment that supports positive health behaviour and healthy lifestyle...