How are different foods produced?

How are different foods produced?

Have you ever wondered about the processes that brought your favourite foods to the dinner table? For example, what transforms olives into olive oil? How do sugar-beets become sugar?

Processed food (Q&A)

20 March 2017

In a recent consumer study, we investigated the understanding of processed food among the UK participants. This Q&A summarises the topics explored in the study.

Sugar: How is produced from cane? (Infographic)

07 February 2015

Globally, 80% of sugar is produced from sugar cane. Sugar cane is not grown in the EU. Main sugar cane producers include Brazil, India, China, Mexico, Australia...

Sugar: How is it produced from beet? (Infographic)

07 February 2015

The EU is the world’s leading producer of beet sugar. Globally, 20% of sugar is produced from sugar beet; the other 80% is produced from sugar cane.

Olive oil: How is it produced? (Infographic)

12 October 2014

From pressing to refining, see how olive oil is produced through all the various stages.

Food additives and their re-evaluation in the EU

16 April 2014

EU legislation on food additives is based on the principle that only additives that have passed a full safety assessment are authorised for use. Despite this, a recent Eurobarometer survey indicated that 66%...

Stevia: How is it produced? (Infographic)

01 January 2014

Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, native to South America, is now grown on four continents. Leaves are harvested and dried once they reach peak sweetness. The dried leaves are...