Highlights from the 20th International Congress of Nutrition (ICN), Granada 2013

Last Updated : 20 September 2013
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    The 20th edition of the International Congress of Nutrition took place in Granada, Spain, from 15th to the 20th September 2013. Organised by the International Union of Nutritional Sciences and the Spanish Society of Nutrition, this largest event of its kind brought together over 4,000 scientists from over 120 countries, for 6 days of lectures, symposia and debates dedicated to the latest scientific evidence on topics of food and nutrition. The European Food Information Council has interviewed a number of key scientists to create this podcast with conference highlights.

    Given the implication of its message for a general audience, the symposium on ‘Energy balance and active living’ was extensively covered by EUFIC, and the interviews with 4 scientists were included in this podcast. They shared their views on tackling the obesity problem by focusing on both nutrition and physical activity. You can also watch the video of these interviews on energy balance (click here to watch).