Never too late to change: tips from the European Obesity Summit (EOS) 2016

Last Updated : 14 September 2016
Table of contents

    Highlights from the EOS 2016, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here we interviewed some speakers, asking them for useful tips to combat this epidemic!

    Tips from the EOS 2016

    • Breast is best: Professor Hania Szajewska from the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.

    • Do it together: Professor Thomas Reinehr from the University of Witten Herdecke, Germany.

    • Start early: Dr Paulina Nowicka from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

    • Be mindful: Professor Kees de Greef from Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

    • Genes matter: Professor Naveed Sattar from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

    • Men, keep it off: Dr Aurora Perez-Cornago from the University of Oxford, England.

    • Move your body: Anne Sofie Gram from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    • Get up, stand up: Dr Stacy Clemes from Loughborough University, England .

    • Start with a glass of water: Dr Pauline Douglas from Ulster University, Northern Ireland.

    • Try a meditterranean diet: Professor John Mathers from Newcastle University, England.