Read up! Are consumers paying attention to nutrition labels?

Last Updated : 20 August 2010
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    In response to the prevalence of diet-related diseases, governments and food companies increasingly promote nutrition information on food labels to help the consumer make healthy, informed food choices. The 3-year EU Seventh Framework-funded project FLABEL (Food Labelling to Advance Better Education for Life), will provide state-of-the-art science on nutrition labels and consumer behaviour as well as best practice guidelines for future research, industry and policy-makers.

    At the Euroscience Open Forum 2010 which took place in Turin, Italy, in July, EUFIC spoke with Professor Hans van Trijp, Head of the Marketing and Consumer group at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, about his research. As a partner in the FLABEL project, Prof. van Trijp looks at how consumers pay attention to and read food labels, an important first step for labels to have an impact on people's food choices.

    Professor Hans van Trijp

    Hans van Trijp is Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. He also holds part time positions as Senior Scientist of Consumer Behaviour with Unilever Food and Health Research Institute there and as Scientific Director at Transforum for the theme: mobilising the demand for sustainable development. He is also a Member of the Operational Committee of the European Technology Platform Food for Life for the theme Food and Consumer.

    Prof. van Trijp’s main fields of interest are marketing and consumer behaviour in relation to food and agribusiness, consumer behaviour in relation to acceptance of new technology, consumer oriented new product development and marketing research methodology.