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8th DIETS - EFAD conference: Understanding sweetness

Last Updated : 11 October 2014

The 8th edition of the DIETS-EFAD Conference took place in Athens, Greece, from 9th to the 12th October 2014. Organised by the European Federation of the association of Dieticians, the theme of the conference was Health 2020: Supporting Vulnerable Groups.

The European Food Information Council and the Hellenic Dietetic Association chaired a symposium on Understanding sweetness: translating the science into everyday practice for dietitians. The 4 videos examine our relationship with sweetness, including the evolutionary adaptations behind our liking of sweetness and how they now affect our lives. The speakers present the dietitians' views on low calorie sweeteners and their role in our diets, our attitudes to and our perceptions of sugar throughout history, and the biology behind what makes food enjoyable.