Dietary guidelines

Dietary guidelines

On food labels the term Guideline Daily Amounts and GDA’s may be stated, but what do they mean? Guideline Daily Amounts are a guide to the total amount of energy and nutrients that a typical healthy adult should be eating in a day. Energy and the four most important nutrients that may cause risk of disease are the main focus GDA’S listed. These useful GDA’s help people to make informed choices to contribute to achieving an overall balanced diet.

Should we forget five-a-day? Not so fast!

06 October 2017

Recent media headlines claim that three servings of fruit and veg is enough to live longer. Should we forget about current recommendations for five portions a day? 

Dietary reference values: A reference for whom?

01 December 2013

Dietary Reference Values (DRVs) are important for supporting public health, developing labelling laws and identifying populations at risk of over- or under-consumption. However, the process of developing them is complex, and they should not be viewed as recommendations or goals for individuals.

Health in Europe: An update

06 March 2013

With changing economic circumstances, it is particularly important that changes in health status and behaviours continue to be monitored.

New nutrition guidelines for Europe, halfway there…

01 May 2011

The European Food Safety Authority has provided guidance on optimum intakes of fats, carbohydrates, fibre and water for good health considering new evidence.

Vegetarianism: What do Vegetarians Need to Eat?

10 March 2011

Many people choose to exclude meat and other animal products from their diet for a variety of reasons and to varying extents. Careful planning is needed to ensure adequate nutrient intakes.

Nutrition (The basics)

08 November 2009

What is the contribution of nutrition to a long and healthy life? It is the way foods (and nutrients) are combined to make up the whole diet that is important.

The Food Pyramid: A Dietary Guideline in Europe

01 October 2009

Nutrient information available is not well understood by consumers. It is necessary to provide nutrient advice in a way consumers can understand.

Adult nutrition

03 March 2006

Making smart food choices early in life, with a routine of good food and regular exercise, can help us make the most of what life has to offer.