Funding and governance

EUFIC is a non-profit organisation, with funding coming from the European Commission, food and drinks companies, academia, NGO’s, foundations, umbrella organisations, and from sales of publications. In 2020 about 71% of our funding comes from public sources, and 29% from membership.

EUFIC’s mission is to provide engaging science-based information to inspire and empower healthier and more sustainable food and lifestyle choices.

EUFIC works according to the following operating principles that all EUFIC funders subscribe to:

  • EUFIC is rooted in science, and stands behind its core values: transparency, honesty, and scientific integrity.
  • EUFIC addresses a balanced mix of food and health related subjects that are relevant for society.
  • EUFIC's communications are based on peer reviewed science that reflect the views of the scientific community at large. 
  • The Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of independent leading scientists, provide direction and oversee accuracy, relevance, and independence of EUFIC’s work.
  • EUFIC works in partnership with credible and recognised organisations and experts, welcome to bring their own views to the table.
  • EUFIC does not lobby for specific interests, nor promote individual companies' views, brands or products.
  • EUFIC funders do not determine the output of EUFIC’s publications or activities. Every funder supporting EUFIC, or its specific activities, abides by a Code of Conduct.


EUFIC is governed by a Board of Directors and a General Assembly, which is elected from EUFIC membership.


EUFIC membership is open to:

  • Organisations and companies from the food chain (food producers, ingredients suppliers, food manufacturers, food retail and food service), the healthcare sector and sports industries.
  • Universities, research organisations, NGOs and other European organisations in the field of food and health.

Current members are:

  • Organisations and companies from the food chain: Amway, Bunge, Cargill, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Coca-Cola, Corteva agriscience, DSM, Ferrero, FRUCOM - European Federation of the Trade in Dried Fruit and Edible Nuts, Processed Fruit and Vegetables, and Processed Seafood,  General Mills, Mars, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Tereos, Unilever, Yildiz Holding.
  • Universities: Agricultural University of Athens, Nutrition & Health, MAPP Centre – Research on value creation in the food sector - Aarhus University, UCD - University College Dublin, University of Leeds.
  • Research organisations: FINS - Institute of Food Technology, Food2Know - Excellence Center for Animal Nutrition
  • NGOs and other European organisations non-profits: EFAD – European Federation of Associations of Dietitians, EuroFIR, NNEdPro – Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, NUTRIS - Nutrition Institute Ljubljana, WWF – EU Policy Office.

Become a member

For more information about membership contact Laura Fernández Celemín, Director General (