Working with experts

EUFIC works with academic experts to ensure that its information and communication programmes are based on scientific evidence supported by the wider scientific community.

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board EUFIC

EUFIC has a permanent Scientific Advisory Board, composed of renowned experts from across Europe, that review EUFIC materials to ensure they are relevant, factually correct and represent the views of the broader scientific community. The advisory board, which meets regularly with EUFIC, also gives independent advice on EUFIC’s scientific direction and outreach programmes. Its members are:

  • Alan Reilly
    Chairman of the EUFIC Scientific Advisory Board, Adjunct Professor, Institute of Food and Health, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Population Science, School of Veterinary Medicine Science Centre, University College Dublin.
  • France Bellisle
    Vice Chairman of the EUFIC Scientific Advisory Board. Researcher at the Nutritional Epidemiology Group, University Paris 13, Bobigny, France and Adjunct Professor of the Kinesiology Department, Laval University, Québec, Canada. 
  • Gerd Harzer
    Professor at Technical University of Munich and Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.
  • Giorgio Poli
    Past Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,University of Milan, Italy.
  • Ana M. Troncoso Gonzalez
    Professor in Food Science and Nutrition, Department of Nutrition, Food Science, Toxicology and Legal Medicine, University of Sevilla, Spain. Former Chief Executive Officer of the Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición).
  • Michael Siegrist
    Professor for Consumer Behaviour at the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED), ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Christine Williams
    Professor of the Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research and Pro Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation, University of Reading, UK.

Other experts

When conducting consumer research, EUFIC staff works with academic experts who are involved in the design and analysis of the scientific studies. EUFIC always publish the results of its scientific studies in peer-review publications, together with its collaborators. EUFIC uses a wide range of methods in its research, both qualitative (i.e. when studying a smaller group of people to better understand thought processes) and quantitative (i.e. when analysing a larger group of people to see if patterns emerge and which consumer segments are similar or dissimilar in their behaviour). At EUFIC, we survey consumers, interview them, observe or discuss in focus groups and analyse data sets to answer specific questions we have about consumer behaviour.

EUFIC also works with other scientific and communication experts in specific projects on technology and science communication.