High performance polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) based food packaging solutions (YPACK)

Last Updated : 22 August 2018

Innovation in food packaging is crucial to reduce food waste and the environmental footprint of packaging materials. A rough estimate shows that an improvement of shelf life with 20% and 50% respectively, has the potential to reduce food waste by 12.5% - 30% respectively.

YPACK will develop bio-degradable and recyclable food packaging based on PHA to reduce food waste, extend food shelf life and thereby reduce the environmental footprint of packaging materials. The innovative food packaging solutions will make use of active properties and passive barrier to extend food shelf life. Besides reducing food waste by extending food shelf life, the project will reduce food waste by re-using industry by-products (cheese whey and almond shells) in the frame of EU circular economy when developing the packaging materials.

Ckick here for an expanded version of the infographic showcasing how the YPACK packaging fits into a circular bioeconomy.

YPACK innovative circular bioeconomy food packaging solutions

YPACK is funded by the European Commission under grand agreement No 773872 and started in November 2017 and has a total duration of 3 years (end October 2020).

For more information, visit www.ypack.eu