Chemical hazards

Chemical hazards

Food can be contaminated at any stage in the food chain. Chemicals in food are a worldwide health concern and are a leading cause of trade obstacles. There are two main type of chemical contaminants. Some come from natural sources (such mycotoxins produced by certain fungi) and others are man-made (such as pesticide residues, unwanted manufacturing by-products or chemical pollutants).

Cómo reducir la acrilamida en casa

28 June 2016

This is an infographic outlining how to reduce acrylamide formation at home.

La inocuidad del agua embotellada

03 March 2015

La inocuidad del agua potable, tanto si procede del grifo como si se vende en una botella, es de vital importancia. Los fabricantes de agua embotellada deben garantizar que las aguas que producen y envasan cumplen unas normas de calidad e inocuidad muy rigurosas.