Microbiological hazards

Microbiological hazards

Microbiological contamination is a worldwide public health concern. The most reported causes of foodborne illnesses are of microbiological origin (e.g. bacteria, fungi, or viruses). Microbes are everywhere and can enter the food chain at any point from the farm to the kitchen. Quality assurance systems are integrated into the food supply to minimise the risk of microbiological contamination. We must all also take measures at home to handle food safely at home and reduce our risk of getting ill.

Los alimentos y el coronavirus (COVID-19): lo que debes saber

26 March 2020

Hay mucha desinformación sobre el vínculo entre COVID-19 y los alimentos. Seguidamente vamos a resolver algunas preguntas y dudas comunes.

Enfermedades virales transmitidas por los alimentos

12 August 2014

Las enfermedades virales transmitidas por los alimentos están causadas por diversos virus que pueden contaminar los alimentos durante todas las fases de la cadena alimentaria.