Food traceability

Food traceability

Traceability concerns tracking the journey of food along the food chain, from producer to consumer. In the event of a food incident it enables the identification and subsequent withdrawal or recall of unsafe food from the market. Regulation can ensure that people have useful information about where their food comes from. Transparency from the food industry instils confidence. Systems of traceability and recall continue to develop and improve with advances in technology such as bar-coding, radio frequency identification, global data synchronisation and authenticity testing of foods.

Déballons les emballages alimentaires

15 September 2016

Les emballages jouent un rôle important dans la protection de nos aliments, et permettent de retarder la détérioration chimique, physique et biologique de ces derniers.

Transparence de la chaîne alimentaire : passé, présent et futur

25 November 2015

La transparence de la chaîne alimentaire est le concept qui consiste à connaître et à avoir accès aux informations relatives aux produits (provenance, méthodes de transformation et de stockage, etc.)...