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Cooking and shopping

Cooking and shopping

There is an increasing variety of food available to us. How do we decide which food to buy and prepare? How can we eat healthy, even when shopping on a budget? Should we eat fresh, dried or frozen products? Maintaining a healthy, sustainable diet relies on access to a variety of different foods. It’s important to consider the origin, quality and safety of what we eat. Lots of options are available for us to meet our daily dietary recommendations, whether it’s from a supermarket, an organic farmer’s market, or even from our own garden.

Le paradoxe de l’information du consommateur : l’évolution des motivations et des comportements des consommateurs

25 November 2015

L'intérêt accru pour une production et une consommation alimentaires responsables et authentiques entraîne l'apparition d’une plus grande quantité d’informations sur les étiquettes des aliments...