Funding and governance

EUFIC is a non-profit organisation, with funding coming from the European Commission, food and drinks companies, academia, NGO’s, foundations, umbrella organisations, and from sales of publications. In 2019 about 76% of our funding comes from public sources, and 24% from membership.

EUFIC’s mission is to provide impartial, science-based information on food and health, in an accessible, appealing and actionable way, aiming to inspire and empower people to make healthier choices.

EUFIC works according to the following operating principles that all EUFIC funders subscribe to:

  • EUFIC is rooted in science, and stands behind its core values: transparency, honesty, and scientific integrity.
  • EUFIC addresses a balanced mix of food and health related subjects that are relevant for society.
  • EUFIC's communications are based on peer reviewed science that reflect the views of the scientific community at large. 
  • The Scientific Advisory Groups, comprised of independent leading scientists, provide direction and oversee accuracy, relevance, and independence of EUFIC’s work.
  • EUFIC works in partnership with credible and recognised organisations and experts, welcome to bring their own views to the table.
  • EUFIC does not lobby for specific interests, nor promote individual companies' views, brands or products.
  • EUFIC funders do not determine the output of EUFIC’s publications or activities. Every funder supporting EUFIC, or its specific activities, abides by a Code of Conduct.


EUFIC is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected from funding companies. Current EUFIC members are: Amway, Bunge, Cargill, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Coca-Cola, Corteva agriscience, DSM, Ferrero, General Mills, Mars, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Tereos, Unilever, Yildiz Holding.

Become a member

Membership is open to organisations and companies from throughout the food chain from food producers, ingredients suppliers, food manufacturers, food retail, food service and sports industries.

In December 2017, by introducing an Associate Membership category, EUFIC officially opened its door to academia, research institutes, NGOs and other European organisations and SME’s in the field of food and health. This has set a scene for a more versatile dialogue and different angles being brought into the discussion.

So far, EuroFIR, The Agricultural University of Athens, WWF - EU Policy Office, NUTRIS - Nutrition Institute Ljubljana, Food2Know - Excellence Center for Animal Nutrition, Nutrition & Health, MAPP Centre – Research on value creation in the food sector - Aarhus University, FINS - Institute of Food Technology University of Leeds, UCD - University College Dublin and FRUCOM - European Federation of the Trade in Dried Fruit and Edible Nuts, Processed Fruit and Vegetables, and Processed Seafood have joined, while applications of several other organisations are in progress.

For more information about membership contact Aleksandar Sokolović, our Business Development Senior Manager (