Spotlight on… Polish National Food and Nutrition Institute

Last Updated : 01 December 2016

The Polish National Food and Nutrition Institute is a leading research and development facility on a nation-wide basis in the area of food health quality (including food safety), human nutrition rationalisation and prevention of food related diseases.

The tasks of the Institute include, in particular:

  • Conducting of scientific, research, development and implementation activities in the areas of:
    • the effects of social sociological and physiological factors on the nutrition habits and nutritional status of selected population groups,
    • assessment of the economic and health aspects of changes in the level and structure of the diet of the population,
    • physiology and biochemistry of nutrition,
    • the health quality of food and the improvement and hygiene of nutrition in mass catering institutions and individual nutrition,
    • the epidemiology of diseases related to nutrition and the use of stimulants, particularly tobacco and alcohol,
    • the aetiology, pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of pathologic l conditions related to nutrition,
    • the utilization of advances in food technology , including sensory evaluation, in improvement of nutrition,
    • the composition and nutrititive value of foods, vrecommended dietary allovances,
    • the effects of stimulants on nutrition habits and nutritional status,
    • dissemination of the knowledge on the hygienic and health aspects of foods, on healthy nutrition and on health promotion through nutrition.
  • Coordination of activities related to food and nutrition conducted by other institutions of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare within the scope established by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare.
  • Preparing reviews and assessments of the diet of the population and of the state and development of sciences related to food and nutrition in health and in ,disease within the scope of the statutory activity of the Institute.
  • Preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities at outpatient and inpatient leveIs and providing consultations for the pubIic health protection system.
  • Specialistic supervision over food and nutrition, including expert control of sanitary-epidemiological stations in the field of nutritional value of food, hygi ne of nutrition, and providing of methodological asistance for the needs of these stations.
  • Advisory activities, including formulation of and opinions on the foundations of legal acts related to theproblems within the competence of the Institute.
  • Preparing and providing access to scientific information and documentation, and conducting publishing activities.
  • Training and upgrading of professional skills of own staft and visiting workers.
  • For the elimination of health hazards posed by food a special role was played by the research on the implementation and auditing of quality assurance systems (GMP, HACCP) in production and food processing plants and in mass catering facilities. The objective of these measures was to support Polish companies in their efforts to implement quality assurance systems. The undertaken measures comprise training for the personnel of such plants, development of educational materials helpful in the implementation of quality assurance systems as well as assistance provided by the National Food and Nutrition Institute employees in the implementation phase and auditing of the systems.

In performing its tasks the Institute cooperates with the Polish Academy of Sciences, with universi ies, with research institutes and other research institutions, with scientific and professional associations in the country and also with similar institutions and organizations abroad.

The Polish National Food and Nutrition Institute provides the Polish translations of EUFIC's newsletter Food Today.