Opportunities for nanotechnology in food and feed

22 February 2017

Nanoparticles exist in nature, and humans are exposed to these particles on a daily basis. Today it is possible to deliberately create matter with very small dimensions and nanotechnology can provide ways to modify the composition of food and feed, and packaging materials, at a very small scale. This may allow for the development of new foods and improving food processing and packaging in ways that will benefit consumers.

Food packaging unwrapped

15 September 2016

Food packaging plays an important role in protecting and delaying chemical, physical, and biological deterioration. In this way, even simple packaging (such as glass, metal, plastics...

Nanotechnology and food (Q&A)

12 May 2016

The prefix “nano” is used to describe a specific size range (like “milli-“ or “centi-“). One nanometre is a unit of measure of length that is equal to one-billionth of a metre, or one-millionth of a millimetre...