Due to medical and technical advances, people are getting older. In Europe, life expectancy was around 45 years in 1900 and this has increased to 80 years in 2014. It is expected that life expectancy will further increase. A growing ageing population is placing demands on the economy, society and health care systems. Starting and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle can support a healthy ageing society.

Active and healthy ageing: The importance of nutrition to add healthy life years

09 September 2014

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission's in-house science service, has published a science and policy report highlighting the importance of diet and nutrition in increasing healthy life years...

Addressing degenerative ageing with long-term and comprehensive dietary studies

06 May 2014

Researchers from the NU-AGE project have published a special issue in the journal Mechanisms of Ageing and Development, which summarises new methods to tackle a key factor of ageing in elderly people - inflammation...

Food safety and the elderly

03 November 2003

Although often not recognised, susceptibility to foodborne illness increases with age. Thus, food safety is a particular concern for the elderly.