Food plays a major role in our everyday lives. For good health and well-being, we need food! Food can be derived from both plant and animal sources and most commonly foods are a mixture of both. A variety of food in our diets supplies us with the energy and the nutrients which we require to have overall correct functioning of the body. The choice of food is wide and diverse with each food providing us with different types and amounts of nutrients affecting the body in many ways.

Tea: Health and hydration

08 October 2016

Tea has been used as a refreshing drink for centuries. Tea is said to have health benefits - does the latest scientific evidence support this? Is tea a healthy source of hydration?

Bread: A nutritious staple

08 December 2014

Bread has been part of the human diet for thirty thousand years. Yet there are many misconceptions around bread.


11 May 2014

Honey is a natural ingredient used for its sweetness, energy and potential health benefits.  This article explores how honey is made, describes its composition, and discusses research on its reported health effects.

Sowing the seeds of good health

01 April 2014

Plant-based diets are receiving increasing attention, and research shows their potential for disease-prevention. Much has been said about the importance of fruits and vegetables, but what is known about ready-to-eat dried seeds?

Palm oil (Q&A)

20 September 2013

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil produced from the pulp of the fruits of palms and that is solid at room temperature. 

Eggs revisited: Nutritious and safe to eat

01 May 2011

Eggs are a rich source of protein and several essential nutrients. Emerging evidence suggests they are associated with improved diet quality.

More than fresh: Vegetable choices for everyone

01 February 2011

Our favourite fresh vegetables are not available all year round. Does this mean we have to do without when they are out of season or are frozen and tinned vegetables valid alternatives?

The goodness in potatoes

01 March 2010

Potatoes are a very common food in the diets of most Europeans, but perhaps sometimes the nutrition contribution of this staple crop is overlooked.  What makes potatoes special is that they combine the characteristics of starchy foods with those of vegetables.