Science in the media

Is a vegetarian diet twice as effective for weight loss as a conventional diet?

05 July 2017

Recent media headlines claim that a vegetarian diet may be twice as effective for weight loss compared to a conventional diet, according to a study by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. However, media coverage does not account for study limitations, for instance adherence to the trial diets, or the health status of the participants.

Food and nutrition reporting in the media (ICN parallel symposium)

01 December 2013

The media is an important source that can influence public’s perception, attitudes and behaviours, including what people buy, eat, and believe about food. In the context of public health, journalists have an important role to play framing...

Reporting of dietary advice in UK national newspapers found to be unsatisfactory

01 December 2011

Dietary health claims made by newspapers are founded on insufficient evidence according to research published in the journal Public Understanding of Science.