A healthy way through pregnancy

04 February 2016

Pregnancy is a time where nutritional requirements are increased due to the demands for the growing baby. A healthy diet and lifestyle are particularly important for a healthy pregnancy as they affect both mother’s and baby's health...

The rising concern of gestational diabetes

30 April 2015

Gestational diabetes is a medical condition that occurs during pregnancy. It is rising in prevalence, fuelled mainly by increasing obesity rates and changing lifestyle patterns. Here we look at how this condition occurs, its health implications and how it can be prevented and treated.

Weight issues associated with pregnancy

11 May 2012

New research is placing great emphasis on achieving a healthy weight before and during pregnancy. Women who are obese when they become pregnant may face increased risks to their own health, and the health and future wellbeing of their unborn baby.

Taking folic acid supplements for pregnancy linked to child’s speech development

07 March 2012

The benefits of taking folic acid supplements before and during pregnancy may extend beyond birth defects and influence child language development, suggests a study of a Norwegian cohort, published by a team of European and North American researchers.