European micronutrient recommendations aligned (EURRECA)

Last Updated : 09 October 2007
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    EURRECA ended in July 2012.

    Harmonising nutrient recommendations across Europe with special focus on vulnerable groups and consumer understanding.

    The overall objective of EURRECA is to overcome fragmentation and create a new sustainable collaborative network to develop quality assured harmonised nutrient recommendations across Europe. It will, in particular, identify and address micronutrients of concern in vulnerable population groups. This will improve the basis for the development of country-specific Food Based Dietary Guidelines that are sensitive to diversity across the EU.

    The network will include at least 35 organisations in 17 European countries, including many ‘new’ EU member States. It comprises academics, SMEs and consumer organisations who will be expertly coordinated into a structured framework.

    EURRECA’s research activities will:

    • Systematically review existing data and collect new data as appropriate in vulnerable groups.
    • Critically assess and promote standardisation of methodologies for nutrient intakes, status and requirements.
    • Identify micronutrients critical for the health of certain population groups.
    • Develop comprehensive, innovative and consumer-friendly nutrient recommendations.

    Through its cross-cutting Integrating Activities, EURRECA will:

    • Involve consumer and other stakeholder groups in all stages, including research, training and dissemination.
    • Integrate Science and Standards throughout to optimise quality assurance.
    • Encourage SMEs to identify opportunities for exploitation in diverse fields such as computer software and laboratory assays.
    • Address individual differences within population groups and increase consumer understanding in general, as both are prerequisites for behavioural change.

    By identifying critical micronutrients in vulnerable population groups, EURRECA will guide the development of country-specific Food Based Dietary Guidelines. Governmental (and other) representation on advisory panels will ensure dissemination to those involved with the development of national and international nutrition policy in Europe.

    EURRECA will support, complement and extend the work of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Technology Platform (ETP) Food For Life. Most importantly, EURRECA will enable the existing capacities within the network to become more competitive as a result of the durable changes made by partners in their practice and policy, the enhancement of their capability and the creation of further collaborations. This will contribute to improving the health status of diverse population groups across EU.

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