Proteins are essential for life. Without them, the functioning and structure of living cells would be impossible. Proteins are responsible for functions like growth and repair, for hormonal and enzymatic activities, they make up our antibodies, and form our muscles. There was a reason they were given their name from “proteios” – the foremost.

Protein rich foods are an important energy source. Also, they are essential for building our own proteins, as not all amino-acids (the building blocks of proteins) can be made from scratch, they must come from our food. All foods contain some protein, but the amount and quality vary widely. 

Plant-based protein: all you need to know to get enough of it

05 January 2022

You may have heard that plant-based diets fall short on protein, yet you might get surprised at the variety of plant foods that can help you meet your protein needs.

Plant-based protein sources for vegans and vegetarians (infographic)

20 September 2020

There are many examples of plant foods that are also good protein sources. In this infographic we show the protein content of different vegan and vegetarian dishes.

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16 December 2019

How much protein do we need and what is the difference between animal and plant-based? Here we address all things proteins and their functions in the body.

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01 May 2011

Eggs are a rich source of protein and several essential nutrients. Emerging evidence suggests they are associated with improved diet quality.

Special nutritional requirements of the child athlete

10 March 2011

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High and Low Biological Value Protein Foods

07 July 2008

The word protein comes from the Greek word “protos”, meaning first element. Proteins are essential elements for growth and repair, good functioning and structure of all living cells...