EUFIC membership

Few sectors are as vulnerable to myths and misinformation as the food and health sector. As a EUFIC member, your organisation actively helps raise the profile of impartial, science-based information on food and health in the public debate.

With EUFIC’s role as a key convener and facilitator of science-based discussion within the expert community, you also benefit from a neutral ground to exchange with other stakeholders and stay tuned on the latest food, health and consumer insights.

Becoming a EUFIC Member

EUFIC Membership is open to all those who have a role in improving public health in Europe and who are committed to engaging openly and transparently with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve this goal.

Our membership fees are variable and depend on your organisation’s size and financial status. All membership applications undergo a diligent process to ensure alignment with our vision, goals and operating principles, and need to be approved by the Board of Directors. Successful applicants must comply with our Code of Conduct and Operating Principles.

Current members

If you are interested in exploring EUFIC membership for your organisation, please contact Elodie Treillard, Senior Funding & Development Manager at EUFIC.