Food risk communication

Food risk communication

As consumers, we receive a lot of information about the food we eat. Every day, we are bombarded with both accurate and misleading information about the benefits or risks (or sometimes both!) of certain foods. Conflicting and inaccurate messages about nutrition science and food safety can decrease public confidence in the food supply. Communicating effectively is crucial to increasing trust and empowering people to make informed decisions about healthy diets and lifestyles.

What are food safety risk assessments and why are they used?

05 June 2019

A risk assessment evaluates if a food is safe to eat. Hazards and risks are evaluated by experts, but the complex assessments are sometimes misunderstood.

The challenges of communicating food risk

30 November 2016

The language of risk has become ubiquitous over the last 20 years. High profile risk issues have attracted both policy and public attention although often with notable variations in the direction and degree of that attention, as exemplified in incidents around salmonella in eggs, BSE and GM food.

Is social media a potential resource for communicating food risk information?

12 August 2014

Research from the EU-funded FoodRisC project into the most effective methods to communicate food risks and safety, has revealed the value of complimenting the use of traditional communication channels with social media...

Proactive social media strategies can enable positive engagement

30 October 2013

A case study of digital media strategies of the UK-based Food Standards Agency, by researchers from the FoodRisC project, has revealed that their approach has helped in responding to the public and encouraging education...

Differences in social media and traditional media in reporting a food crisis

30 April 2013

Media use in times of crisis has changed from one-way communication to multi-way interactions since the introduction of social media, such as Twitter, forums and blogs...

The Benefits of Communicating about Food - ILSI Functional Foods Symposium 2011

21 December 2011

Organised by the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe from October 5th to October 7th 2011, the Functional Foods Symposium in Prague drew together an international group of experts to review and debate advances...

Learning from the past: Researchers develop a model for food risk communication

14 April 2011

Food safety is key for public health and thus the communication of food safety and risk is essential. A paper published in the journal Public Understanding of Science compares two country experiences...