Food risk communication

Food risk communication

As consumers, we receive a lot of information about the food we eat. Every day, we are bombarded with both accurate and misleading information about the benefits or risks (or sometimes both!) of certain foods. Conflicting and inaccurate messages about nutrition science and food safety can decrease public confidence in the food supply. Communicating effectively is crucial to increasing trust and empowering people to make informed decisions about healthy diets and lifestyles.

What are food safety risk assessments and why are they used?

05 June 2019

A risk assessment evaluates if a food is safe to eat. Hazards and risks are evaluated by experts, but the complex assessments are sometimes misunderstood.

How to communicate food risk? A handbook for professionals

21 February 2017

This handbook is a practical, introductory guide to the basics of food risk communication. It addresses both food risk communication in general, and in crisis situations.