Food waste

Every day, large quantities of food are wasted – food that could have been consumed, or could have other uses. How can we all act to reduce the amount of food we waste, to save money and natural resources, and help make sure that those in need are fed?

Tackling food waste: turning nemesis into a saviour

28 June 2018

The function of food packaging has traditionally been limited to passive protection from external influences, but innovations are quickly changing its role. Packaging is getting active and intelligent, able to monitor and interact with food and environment and maintain food freshness for longer, writes Dr Milka Sokolović.

Perceived value of food and portion size are main drivers of food waste: Dr. Sophie Hieke

26 June 2018

Dr. Sophie Hieke, EUFIC Head of Consumer Science, explains what are the main reasons behind food waste according to the latest consumer research.

Let’s reduce food waste

19 July 2017

Every day, large quantities of food are wasted. Reducing food waste would save money and natural resources, and help feed those in need. In recognition of this global issue, EUFIC has joined the SAVE FOOD initiative, to raise awareness of food waste, its impact, and possible solutions.

7 tips to reduce your food waste

18 July 2017

Around 88 million tonnes of food is wasted in the EU every year. We can all take action by changing the way we shop, cook, and plan our meals to avoid wasting food, money, and resources.