Food waste

Every day, large quantities of food are wasted – food that could have been consumed, or could have other uses. How can we all act to reduce the amount of food we waste, to save money and natural resources, and help make sure that those in need are fed?

Using mild processing techniques to reduce food waste: The innovative FOX project

27 November 2023

What happens to all the fruits and vegetables that don’t meet the standards to be sold as fresh produce or that are left behind due to overproduction? 

Have you ever tried a food waste diary?

27 September 2021

Tracking and realising how much food waste we produce can help us reduce the amounts of food we waste. This diary template will allow you to track what food you waste, how much of it and for what reasons but also how to avoid it in the future.

Is it safe to eat eggs after the expiration date?

12 September 2021

Eggs are versatile and nutritious. But are they still safe to eat after the expiration date? This article explains date labelling of eggs in Europe and provides tips on how to store and handle eggs.

Food waste in Europe: statistics and facts about the problem

12 September 2021

Would you go into a supermarket, buy three shopping bags of food, and then immediately throw one away? Statistically, that’s what’s happening to our food today. One third of all the food that is produced for human consumption, is wasted.

Best before, use by and sell by dates explained

12 September 2021

The best before and use by date labels are the most widely used types of date labelling on food in Europe. This article explains the difference between these types of date label and which food products they are commonly used on.

What foods should (or not) be stored in the fridge?

12 September 2021

Sometimes it’s not so obvious where a certain food product should be stored to maintain its quality, so here we’ll dig into some of the most commonly misplaced ones and give you some answers to general fridge storage questions.

How to prevent food poisoning: tips & tricks

12 September 2021

Many people become ill from food prepared or stored incorrectly at home, but the good news is that many cases are mild and we can all keep ourselves safe from food poisoning by following some simple tips.

How to reduce food waste at home

12 September 2021

Around 88 million tonnes of food is wasted in the EU every year, with more than half coming from households, but we can all take action by changing the way we shop, cook, and plan our meals to avoid wasting food, money, and resources.