Food4Me: Legal challenges of personalised nutrition offerings

Last Updated : 28 March 2014
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    In this podcast, Joanna Jaskolska, of the Brussels-based office of the law firm Keller and Heckman LLP discusses their work within the Food4Me project in addressing the legal challenges associated with the delivery of personalised nutrition services to the public. These services are provided by personalised nutrition offerings (for example a dietitian providing services online). This work has been carried out in parallel to research which focuses on the ethical aspects of these services.

    Joanna talks about work in producing a regulatory report to assess the existing European laws which apply to the delivery of personalised nutrition advice and the gaps where legislation needs to be amended or implemented. Key legal challenges in protecting the consumer are also explained. These include the correct use of health data and issues related to the safety of products such as medical devices. She also comments on the increased use of e-health and mobile health and their importance in providing trustworthy advice to the consumer.

    About Keller and Heckman LLP:

    This firm undertakes a wide range of legal work applicable to law and science. They have five offices on three different continents. Within the Food4Me project, the firm has been responsible for undertaking research related to legal frameworks which could be applied to the delivery of personalised nutrition services.