FOX – Food processing in a Box: Innovative local fruit and vegetable processing for a sustainable future

Last Updated : 18 March 2020
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    When thinking of food production, the image of big factories, often located outside the city, comes to mind. But imagine that a small box much closer to your home can do the same thing? FOX – Food processing in a Box – is a project that aims to develop exactly that; transforming large-scale technologies for the processing of fruits and vegetables, to small, flexible and mobile units in your neighbourhood!

    FOX food circles

    Why focus on fruit and vegetable processing?

    The fruit and vegetable sector in Europe needs innovative and flexible processing technologies to be sustainable. The FOX project focuses on mobile and flexible processing units of small and medium-sized companies and farmers that offer advanced technology applications.

    The project concentrates on mild processing technologies: from preservation to packaging and quick quality control for healthier food production. It will be deployed in six EU regions, so-called food circles, with considerable fruit and vegetable production and, will evaluate new business opportunities.

    In addition, it will estimate its environmental, social, business and health impacts. The promotion of the project’s method, as well as the debate concerning policy recommendations, will be promoted by a European Interest Group of small-scale food processors.

    Project goals

    The FOX project aims to:

    • Achieve optimal physical and nutritional quality of the fruit and vegetable products through mild processing technologies
    • Downscale innovative technologies for juice extraction, low temperature drying and mild preservation
    • Minimise the use of resources through developing sustainable packaging materials.
    • Actively involve local consumers to regain trust in the food chain


    FOX – Food Processing in a Box is funded under the European Horizon 2020 framework program ­and is related to the programs Sustainable and Competitive Agri-food Industry and Healthy and Safe Foods and Diets for All. The project is coordinated by DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V. and will last 4.5 years (2019-2023).

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