Gut microbiome influences on diet-related disease and behaviour (MyNewGut)

Last Updated : 10 December 2016
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    The MyNewGut project ( will make the findings from basic human microbiome science useful for promoting healthier lifestyles to the public. This is a five-year project that started in December 2013. Listen to the podcast to get to know what makes this project unique, and what challenges it faces.

    Yolanda Sanz
    First, we asked the coordinator of the project, Professor Yolanda Sanz of the Spanish National Research Council to introduce the project and her role in it.


    • What makes the MyNewGut project unique?
    • What kind of challenges does MyNewGut address?
    • How is the work plan progressing and when are you expecting results?
    • Finally, what is the expected impact of the project?