ProFuture – Shaping the future of microalgae proteins in food and feed

Last Updated : 04 March 2020
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    With global population expected to grow fast, the world is searching for alternative proteins that can meet upcoming demands for food and protein in a sustainable way. Microalgae have been pointed as one of the most promising candidates to face this challenge, due to the high potential of their nutritional value and environmental footprint. However, for the microalgae value chain to become more sustainable and competitive, innovative technology and cost-effective production processes must be put in place. That is the core mission of the ProFuture project.

    Why microalgae?

    Food production systems take up a large fraction of the earth’s natural resources and are deemed uncapable of sustainably meeting the world’s future demands for food and protein. Particularly, diets rich in animal-based products have a significant environmental impact and contribute to a large fraction of the world’s pollution, freshwater usage, deforestation and biodiversity loss.

    Future-proof food systems will depend on alternative sources of protein that are more environmentally responsible, healthy and nutritious. Microalgae are tiny aquatic plant-like organisms with an enormous potential to take on this challenge, due to their rich nutritional value and potential low environmental footprint.

    But for the microalgae industry to become more sustainable and competitive, innovative technology and cost-effective processes must be put in place – and that is how ProFuture will take action.

    Project’s goals

    In a nutshell ProFuture aims to:

    • Make microalgae cultivation more efficient, sustainable and affordable;
    • Improve the production of protein-rich ingredients from microalgae biomasses;
    • Create nutritious and tasty foods and feeds using microalgae proteins;
    • Scale up production and seize the market for microalgae-based food and feed.


    ProFuture is an European-funded Horizon 2020 project research project aiming to scale up production and prepare the market uptake of microalgae proteins as ingredients for innovative and sustainable food and feed products. The project will last for 4 years (2019-2023) and it is coordinated by the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) in Spain.

    For more info check out ProFuture’s: