Food4Me: Public perceptions, business and personalised nutrition

Last Updated : 06 May 2012
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    The EU funded project Food4Me is employing a holistic approach to consider all aspects of personalised nutrition; business implications, consumer needs and perceptions, technology for implementation; scientific basis for personalised nutrition, ethical and legal aspects.

    Jo Goossens is leader of Food4Me's work on business and value creation models. Effective business models are crucial for the development of personalised nutrition in the real world. In designing such models it is important to know; what is society thinking about personalised nutrition? What issues and opportunities exist for those seeking to develop the business of personalised nutrition?

    In this podcast Jo tells us more about this work; what his team have been up to, what their next steps will be and the role of this work in the future of personalised nutrition.

    About Jo Goossens

    Jo has 27 years of experience in the agri-food industry. His expertise covers the transformation chain from agricultural raw material to industrial food production, however he is especially fascinated by the major societal issues surrounding nutrition and health and the role of agricultural production.

    With a PhD in Biology and a long industrial career in various global R&D, marketing and business management positions at Cerestar, he combines scientific understanding with strong business skills. Since 2001 he has been consulting independently through his organisation Bio-Sense and working in partnership with Giract, the leading ingredient strategy consultancy and ShiftN, the innovative systems thinking and futurist consultancy.

    Jo is particularly interested in creative processes that help us to understand the underlying patterns and forces shaping markets and societies. Convinced that today’s challenges require novel approaches, he co-initiated and managed ground breaking projects, such as the ‘Nutrition & Health 2020’ and ‘2025-Fields for Food and Fuel’ collaborative scenario planning and the Nutrition & Health Open Innovation Lab. He also contributed as a partner in large EU-projects, such as ‘GoodFood’, as well as Food4Me.